Caring for those with emotional and mental health issues and making a difference in their lives is not easy or glamorous but at Penang Care, we have a passion to do our best to make this difference to the best of our abilities and resources because we believe that with love and proper guidance , most of these disabilities can be managed by the sufferer and allow them to live meaningful lives.

We :

  • Counsel and try to be available on a 24/7 basis to the sufferer by What’s App or telephone ;
  • Pay home visits in appropriate cases ;
  • Follow-up closely with the psychiatrists treating the patient so that we can make the most impact ;
  • Counsel families of the patient and try to ease their distress and burden in whatever way possible ;
  • Create interactions with similarly afflicted persons
  • Logistical help with social services


We want:

  • to promote understanding of emotional and mental health in the community and in the family;
  • to help people with psychiatric disabilities to cope with and manage their lives and its challenges ;
  • to help caregivers and families cope practically with loved ones having psychiatric disabilities.


  • To remove the stigma attached to mental health sufferers and help them find and  hope in their lives