We strive to create an environment where those in their advancing and advanced years can:

  • relax and fellowship with their peers , keep mentally and physically occupied;
  • learn to accept and deal with the infirmities , fears and problems associated with advancing years including mental health issues like Alzheimer. Dementia and Parkinsons;
  • sojourn while their caregivers are at work or are occupied with other duties or even just need a rest or break.

We go that extra mile by:

  • paying home visits when needed;
  • accompanying them to their medical , social or other appointments if they have no maids or anyone else who can do so;
  • keeping contact with their families and caregivers with a view to helping to maintain the family nucleus and advising on relationship issues as they arise;
  • various activities which encourage human interaction and cognitive function.

As a non-profit NGO, we try to achieve fulfil these missions and visions at a minimal and affordable cost to the clients while maintaining excellence and integrity at all times.

We have other plans in the pipeline to upgrade the services we provide before the end of 2017 in keeping with our stated missions and vision and we will up-date this web-page as these come to fruition.

elderly care in the garden

Mission Statement

We want to help people:

  • be unafraid of the golden years of their lives;
  • to understand and manage any changes -major or minor – that are a part of the ageing process;
  • care for their elderly by providing an effective support system;
  • come together as a community of caring individuals.

Vision & Values

  • To empower the golden generation to be independent and improve their quality of life;
  • To respect the worth and value of each individual;
  • To empower the golden generation to have the dignity and well-being in their advanced years that they deserve;
  • To empower and encourage families to keep their elderly close to them by dealing with their needs and concerns on a personal and exclusive basis;
  • To show love, compassion and patience towards all regardless of age, physical or mental stability;
  • To be committed to excellence and affordability.

  1. Light exercises / walk in the garden or park.
  2. Sing-along
  3.  Tea-breaks (morning and afternoon) with light refreshments & fellowship.
  4. Board Games
  5. Puzzles
  6. Colouring
  7. Cognitive exercises
  8. Lunch – balanced meals prepared in-house/ bought from stalls according to clients.
  9. Birthdays, Chinese New Year & Christmas Celebrations.

Hours of Operation

8 am to 6 pm – Mondays to Fridays

penang care activity: puzzle playing mahojong at Penang Care