As a non-profits, a daycare  centre for the elderly and support group for caregivers of persons suffering from major depression, we are currently seeking contributions to enable us to carry out our activities and programmes more effectively from public donations.

Every contribution made goes directly to benefit our clients in our daycare centre and the smooth running and operation of our organization. Penang Care can only do this with your help.

Every contribution makes a difference.

Donation through regular mail

You may send a donation by personal cheque, banker’s cheque, money order or postal order by regular mail in a secure envelope to:

Penang Care
48, Jalan Thomas
11600 Penang, Malaysia

We encourage your goodself to attach a short note stating your full name, contact address and telephone number (both land line and hand phone) clearly for us to contact you to acknowledge receipt.

Banking in directly to our account

PUBLIC BANK BHD account number 3145599023

MAYBANK A/C NO 507246127383

Sending your bank-in slip to the above address to enable us to issue you a receipt for your donation. You can do so also by emailing to us at:

All donations are tax-exempt.

A heartfelt thank you to those who have graciously donated and supported us. We also want to thank you all of you in advance for your generous support.

Your contribution will enable us to provide opportunities to further develop and sustain our programmes and activities. Your support is vital to make Penang Care a more comfortable daycare for the elderly and support group for caregivers of persons suffering from major depression.