Penang Care, a non-governmental organization, was started in Jan 2004 as a day-care sanctuary with a 2-fold purpose:

  • to provide a place where those in their golden years could relax, fellowship with others and be pampered with love as they deserve
  • to counsel those with emotional and mental health issues and assist them become reintegrated into their families and society.


penang care entrance

Organisation Structure

Advisor : Rev. John Khoo
Consultants : Dr. Lai Fong Hwa
Mdm. Jan Fleury
Chairman : Mr. Goh Keng Tian
Vice Chairman : Mr. Alvin Chew Siew Wee
Secretary : Mr. Leong Eng Khoon
Treasurer : Mdm Ruth Chong Chow Kum
Committee Members : Mr. Samarasena Peri
Mr. Chew Why Hoong
Mr. Koe Choon Huan
Mr. Foo Ghee Hoe
Mr. Yong Cho Kiat
Mr. Khoo Lean Hin
Ms. Chan Kim Fong
Internal Auditors : Mdm Lily Kang Swee Kim
Mdm Choo-Cheah Seok Hun
Trustees : Mdm Pauline Ding Li Ying
Mdm Tan Chwee Yeng
External Auditors : Moores Rowland

TestimonialsMy mum who is going to be 86 years of age this December 2017, has been going to Penang Care for the past few years.
Penang Care has really been a boon to the family. Mum has dementia with no short- term memory whatsoever. Penang Care has allowed the caregiver time to take care of other necessary things as well as enjoy a much needed respite.
We can see that Mum enjoys going to Penang Care. When we pick her up in the afternoon, she looks absolutely happy-smiling, talking and sometimes not wanting to leave what she is doing.
We attribute it to the loving attention and care she receives there from the wonderful staff, as well as the activities that she gets to enjoy there ranging from singing, playing mah-jong, cards, arranging and putting together simple blocks, colouring and short walks around the garden.
We are very happy that Penang Care offers activities that help mum meet her social and emotional needs. We hear that she eats well there and can see she feels at home there.Annie Yew